About Me

My name is Anmar Jarjees; I have a bachelor in Computer Science and Information Systems. My general experience in different computer fields such as Hardware, Software, Graphic, and Web Design gave me the opportunity to work as a computer instructor (part-time) in a non-profit organization and practice all these fields the following year after my arrival in Canada.

Anmar Jarjees-Home workstation
Anmar Jarjees – Web Development Instructor

Then I followed my passion to be a specialist in the web design and development field because it combines two skills: design and programming. That was one of the main reasons that let me join the Web Design and Development Certificate Program at Ryerson University. Then I went to Centennial College to study and receive different certificates in computer programming and software development. You can check all my education and courses details plus my work experience in my Linked profile.

Right now I am a Web Development and Software Engineering Instructor at Canadian Business College. You can check samples of my programming and development lectures on my GitHub account. I teach the students of these two programs:

  • Full-Stak Sofware Development
  • Digital Media and Web Design

My duties and major responsibilities as a college instructor plus the time that I spend with my Guitar and the church choirs as a keyboardist make me unavailable to take any project or work as a freelancer for the time being. Thank God for all the gifts He gave me.

To view my personal website you can visit My Portfolio.

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