Post13: XML, Quality Assurance

In XML class, subjects became more complicated but more useful and important at the same time, after finishing connecting XML with ASP.NET we had to work on XML with PHP this time. We run through many advanced topics in processing XML with PHP using:

• Simple API for XML (SAX)

• Document Object Model (DOM)

• Simple XML

If we need to parse each XML tag from top to bottom of the page, SAX method will be the best approach to apply and it’s faster than using DOM because it doesn’t use memory for storing Data. While using DOM approach, this will run slower than SAX and it will use the memory to save the DOM tree, but since the tree is saved we can access any node using DOM built-in methods.

Using PHP to create XML document was an important subject to discuss and work on in the class, this the technology that is used for RSS (Rich Site Summary); Uses a group of standard news feed formats to publish frequently updated information like news headlines, blog entries.

For the Quality Assurance class, we discussed many test plan that we need to apply in order to test the in and out of our web applications. I learned that there are many types of test to perform on my websites more than the regular or the standard ones:

• Configuration Testing: Software works with different hardware specifications as much as possible.

• Compatibility Testing: Software interacts with other programs or application smoothly and correctly without conflict.

• Foreign Language Testing: Website structure, layout and content has to be localized in the same areas even if the user changes the language.

• Usability Testing: Defining the usability in dealing with a particular interaction, how suitable, operative, or easy for a user to understand that function or piece of software.

That was just a nutshell about what we covered in QA class but still, this course is going deeper into more vital things that we need to consider in building our web applications.

Anyway, I am working on my ASP.NET feature for creating an image slideshow for the home page, and these images files names have to be stored in the database as it’s a database driven website. Using AJAX control in ASP.NET for achieving these tasks is different than using it with JavaScript and jQuery.