Post 15: XML Project (Toronto Open Data) and Quality Assurance (Qunit):

I don’t have a lot to say in this post, I am still thinking about finishing my features for each project PHP and ASP.NET. Now we had to make a new project for XML by choosing one of the open course articles that are available as open data (Toronto):
For more information visit open data Wikipedia  and Open Data – Toronto.

For the PHP project, as I mentioned before we need to provide both types of validation: front-end using JavaScript and back-end with PHP and that’s also what the instructor suggested. I gave my reason because the user can disable JavaScript in their browser and that will make our forms vulnerable to any type of input scripts that hack our website or destroy the Database.

In Quality Assurance class, we used JavaScript unit testing framework called QUnit and it was my first time to work on this tool with my team members to validate our forms input using regular expressions. visit quinitjs for more information.

We tried to test our input fields based on different criteria: For the first and last name fields, the input value has to letters only (a-z). For the email and postal code, the input values have to match the regular expression pattern.