Post 14: My learning process, career connections, and quality assurance assignment

The program is getting harder and harder and sometimes I feel bored, sad or too stressed, two years program is shrunk to become 10 months! I am not that satisfied with my achievements this semester especially my midterm compared with the first one, I do believe that this is not me and I can do better. Being a very systematic person with a long experience in teaching different subjects in IT, I can’t easily accept ideas, way of teaching, or curriculums that go beyond the logic or not following the required milestones in a normal sequence, this makes me different from my classmates and I think it is one of my weaknesses that makes me struggling in some subjects every now and then. Through my process of studying, I found myself learning from and using online resources more than the college courses in building and implementing my projects.

I am sorry as this is my first post to talk in this way, anyhow, positivity and determination are the keys to success. Although some of my classmates dropped the program this semester, I chose this path by myself and I have to complete it till the end. I am trying to focus on the present and ignore any negative ideas that might come to my mind. I like this nice Chinese proverb quote that my father told me:

“You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head,

But you can prevent them from making nests in your hair.”

In career connection course, each student has to present one company that he likes to work with as a web developer. I was an active job seeker before joining this program and my LinkedIn profile is filled with many companies that I follow and want to work with. Every time I want to prepare my presentation I feel puzzled which one I should choose? Anyway, I just need to make my decision and choose one before the due date.

One of the most weird and interesting assignments that I’ve ever had was for the security and quality assurance course. We had to make limericks based on our subjects: Testing Strategies and Liability. Testing strategy is by making a plan which is formal document evaluating and assessing the results of the testing phases for our project (Web Application). Here is the limerick that I wrote about testing strategies:

Testing Strategies, you have to make

You should provide a real result not fake

Don’t ignore this test, it is a big mistake

You will throw all your efforts in the lake

Hence implement the test properly and be awake

Then, the client will greet you with a firm handshake

Please remember these notes for the goodness’ sake

So work hard on the test then take a nice break

Then I had to write another one for liability,

When clients ask you to add text they wrote

Be careful about what is legal and what is not

The content might be copied, yes it happens a lot

Check their content and examine each spot

Follow the copyright law as this subject is very hot

And protect yourself by wearing the security coat

Not all clients are equal in sort

So make your contract concise and short