Post 4: Project Management, Web-Programming, ASP.NET Project.

We had intensive work and assignments last week as we are going to the end of the first semester. For the project management course, I spent a lot of time with my team (team 5) in practicing and preparing for the proposal of redesigning a hospital website; it was a nice experience when we helped each other in enhancing our presentation.

Having the web development skills is not enough; we might see many people that have these skills. However, there are other needed skills like how to deal with people; your clients and colleagues plus how to present yourself as a web developer and this was the main aspect of this course. Project management gave me other skills that I have never thought about before, and we had to practice different activities and I didn’t expect to have such kinds of activities in the first semester. Dividing us into groups, gave as tasks and assignments to work on them, and having our regular meetings with our instructor and just as team members every week, all those actions and activities made me feel like I am in a real workplace not just a student.

When we asked to create a restaurant website for the web-programming course as a team, I was hesitated at the first time and I could not easily understand or accept the idea of building this website as a group, how can I write my code or function with 4 students? The first time I preferred to build the entire website from A to Z by myself in order to get the chance to practice most of the topics that I learned through the first semester, but that was unacceptable, the project had to be built by a team and not individually. Finally, as a team of five students, we had to distribute our duties in building the website and I liked to work with my team members as each one took his/her part in building the website then collecting all these parts together. After finishing the project, everyone was proud of what he/she did; the different skills that each one had in my team, led us to present a fully functional website with an eye-catchy interface design and I felt lucky to be part of team 5.

For the ASP.NET course, I need to work hard on my final project, which is to create a database driven website about any subject we like. Although our final project could be built on using the midterm project plus adding the new features that we learned like ADO, I preferred to start a new one talking about something real not a fictional company as I did in my midterm one. Thus, I decided to build a website about the ancient city “Babylon”, I already started in collecting the information from Wikipedia. I know it might be not easy to build this entire database driven website in just two weeks especially when I am busy with my exams. In addition, I have to do it by myself not as a team like other projects, but I am trying my best to finish it and this will definitely enhance my skill in using ASP.NET plus the C# programming.