About Me

My name is Anmar Jarjees; I have a bachelor in Computer Science and Information Systems. My experience in different computer fields such as Hardware, Software, Graphic, and Web Design gave me the opportunity to work as a computer instructor and practice all these fields the following year after my arrival in Canada.

Then I followed my passion to be a specialist in the web design and development field because it combines two skills: design and programming. That was one of the main reasons that let me join the Web Design and Development Certificate Program at Ryerson University. Then I went to Centennial College to study and receive different certificates in programming and development.

Right now I am a Web Development and Software Engineering Instructor at Canadian Business College. I teach the students of these two programs:

  • Full Stak Sofware Development
  • Digital Media and Web Design

My significant duties and major responsibilities as a college instructor plus the time that I spend with my music and the church choirs as a keyboardist make me unavailable to take any project or work as a freelancer for the time being. Thanks to God for all the privileges He gave me.

To view my personal website you can click on My Portfolio.

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